This is how sport not only saved my life but transformed it

As i am approaching the last few kilometres of the Valencia Marathon, overwhelmed with emotion as the realisation of achieving my goal of running a 2:35 Marathon crosses my mind, i can’t help but think back to 2011 when I was lying in my hospital bed gasping for air , afraid that this illness will take my life. While I lie there hopeless, discouraged, ready to give up the fight, a second chance comes in the form a doctor’s advice, advice which steered me in the direction of what turn out to be my destiny.

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About Me

As an athlete I have found aside from hard work, the greatest tools for success are passion & desire. These practices have led to my achievements & contributed to a purposeful career. Thus I always encouraged people to take up running wherever I can as there are many things to be gained from running. Running allows you to explore & experience different places, it enables you to look & feel good about yourself & instils qualities such as discipline, tenacity, dedication & patience- qualities needed in all aspects of life.

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Sports has opened many doors for me, I have been blessed with this talent and my gift back would be to use any opportunity to help others experience the benefits of sport and to give back to the community in which ever way I can. I believe in a balanced life and to always be grateful for my blessings. I always remember that i have an ability to inspire someone through running. Therefore I am active in projects that make a difference in the lives of people, whether it be as a mentor, coach, manager , inspirational talks, or simply engaging with young athletes. Some of the projects include Endurocad, mentoring the Fit2run group, fundraising for #girlscanrun, sacanrun shoe drive.

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Coaching people of all levels

My Coaching Packages is perfect for individuals looking to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle and achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. Whether you are just starting out from scratch, aiming to run your first 10km, improving your times or finish a marathon. I will develop a customized program and provide the guidance, tips and mentorship to get there.

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