Aspire to Inspire

Aspire to Inspire

Sports has opened many doors for me, I have been blessed with this talent and my gift in exchange would be to use any opportunity to help others experience the benefits of sport and to give back to the community in which ever way I can. I believe in a balanced life and to always be grateful for my blessings. I always remember that i have an ability to inspire someone through running. Therefore I am active in projects that make a difference in the lives of people, whether it be as a mentor, coach, manager , inspirational talks, or simply engaging with young athletes.

Inspirational Talks

I am available for speaking engagements across the South Africa, where I challenge runners to strive to be their best self.

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I’m involved in several projects, such as the SA Can Run shoe campaign which I personally manage. I also fundraise for the young women on the Endurocad program, where funds are used to educate and empower young women from disadvantaged communities.

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Community Engagements

Corporate Companies, Running Clubs and Schools can apply for me to come out to do fitness sessions with their staff, runners and learners. My aim is to encourage, educate, inspire and empower individuals.

For bookings and more information, please use the booking link below.

Fundraising project – Ladies Setting the Pace

I have set up a fundraising page on Givengain, to raise money to help aspiring young women reach their full potential by empowering them through education. Endurocad provides athletes with educational opportunities and services to become World class athletes and...

SA CAN RUN Shoe Project

I teamed up with sacanrun to collect running shoes and kit for those in need. We understand that proper running shoes is a necessity, we also know that not many people can afford a proper pair of running shoes or even running kit for that matter and this prevents them...