Last month I ran a new competition to launch my new Website. After a great response, I had a hat draw on the 23rd of February to select a winner of a brand new pair of adidas running shoes sponsored by Adidas.

Cherie Barnard from Ballito, Durban was the lucky winner of this amazing prize and she had a great story to tell. Chery says she was thrilled to have won the prize as she desperately needed a new pair of running shoes to attempt a sub 3 hour marathon.

This is what brings me joy, knowing that I can contribute to changing someone’s life, by helping them achieve their goals in life, that feeling of fulfilment is what makes the journey meaningful. When I read Cherie’s story I was inspired by her tenacity and her dedication to achieve her goals and that she kept persevering despite injury problems.

This is why Cherie Runs

“I run because there is no greater satisfaction than failing at something you want so badly but continuing to get back up and try again. The saying that goes ‘what you put into running you get out’.

Cherie turned 28 yesterday. She has 2 gorgeous girls, Ashley aged  8 and cailyn aged 3.

“I started running in 2007 when I met my husband Juan. My first race was the Vodacom  5km. I nearly died. I remember getting so cross with Juan as he was pushing me and I just could not keep up. In 2009 I had my first daughter Ashley. I kept up with running doing an odd 5 and 10km here and there. In 2012 I decided to train for the cross country. I absolutely loved it and made the cga team for the 4 km. I fell pregnant with my second daughter in 2013 and had her in 2014. I was running again 2 weeks after her birth. However I really battled to get back into my running. I tried out for the cross team in 2015 but I didn’t make it. I was so upset, but I knew my times were just not there.  I was determined that I would get my times Down. In 2016 my husband, 2 girls and I  relocated to Durban and I thought this was my shot to see where my running could take me. I was really lucky  and able to continue working from home which allowed me to be flexible with my training. My times started to come down and I was thrilled. At the end of 2016 I got a stress fracture and once again I was out of the cross country season. I was devastated. 

In 2017 I decided I was going to do my first Marathon. I had never run more than 21km before this. I trained so hard for it.  It was the cpt marathon. Sadly during the race I got a sever ITB injury in both legs. I walked the entire marathon finishing in a time of 5hours and 20min. I crossed the line in tears. Even though I had so many  failures I was still determined to reach my goals. So 3 weeks after CPT I signed up for maritzburg marathon. In Jan 2018 I got myself a coach, trad Cruickshank, and I am learning more about proper nutrition  and I am following everything he tells me to do. I am starting to get podium positions finally 🙂 I just ran maritzburg marathon and I crossed the line in 3.16.22 . I felt so good during the marathon and definitely feel like I can go much faster.  I am getting stronger and faster and feel better than I ever have. 

My goal now is to get faster in the 10 and 21km and go for a sub 3 hour at Cape Town Marathon this year. I have a lot of tough weeks ahead but am so excited and more motivated than ever to reach my dreams. 

Thank you so much for this amazing prize! It’s definitely going to help me reach my sub 3 this year.  I couldn’t be more happier !”

Goodluck to Cherie, wishing her many happy miles in her new pair of Adidas Adizero Adios!